Russian Hair Welding

Russian Hair Welding

.Russian hair is European hair well known of it's best top quality that's why it is on high demand

.It is top quality which means that it comes with variety of rare natural light hair color, softness, shines, gentle thickness and volume


.Russian hair extensions are long lasting (for years) with the appropriate caring and very easy for regular every day maintenance 

Russian Hair Welding is the safest way to attach hair extensions to the natural hair so that both the extensions and the natural hair are safely bonded together and last for a long time 

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שיער רוסי

שיער רוסי הינו שיער ..

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שיער רוסי להלחמה New

שיער רוסי להלחמה

שיער הרוסי מבית קפלר..

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